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It has been our long-standing reputation for premiere seafood in the Western Mass area. Every day we cut our fish fresh for our case in our fresh market. Great quality seafood has been a family tradition for 75 years and will continue to be a core value to our future. We specialize in getting customers what they want.

If you are ever looking for a fresh unique seafood product for a party, function, or just dinner with friends please inquire about our special ordering. 24 hour minimum notice for any specialty prepared items. (Please call if you have any questions about seafood.)

Our fresh seafood market has everything you would expect from a Northeastern seafood establishment. We use fresh seafood to design the most delicious platters that you can imagine. With our heat & serve platters and appetizers, it’s as simple as heat and serve. Big family functions can be simplified; a couple quarts of chowder, a seafood platter, a heat & serve appetizer, and a freshly made salad will satisfy the whole family. Masse’s American Bistro is your go-to for Western Mass seafood. Stop in our market and pick up some food for your home or sit and relax and our staff will make you feel at home while you enjoy a delicious meal and some enticing cocktails.

Don’t be scared of seafood any longer! Concerned about cooking your fish or shellfish properly? Feel free to ask about ideas and cooking instructions. We want our customers to enjoy seafood without worry.

Party Platter Menu

Served on a decorative platter with Masse’s cocktail sauce, lemons & greens

Large Shrimp Platter (Tail-on)
2 lb. platter (46 shrimp) $45
4 lb. platter (92 shrimp) $85

Jumbo Shrimp Platter (Tail-on)
2 lb. platter (38 shrimp) $50
4 lb. platter (75 shrimp) $90

Jumbo Shrimp Platter (Tail-off)
2 lb. platter (38 shrimp) $55
4 lb. platter (75 shrimp) $110

Cocktail Shrimp Combo Platters

Large Shrimp & Veggie Platter (Tail-on) $59
1.5 lb. cocktail shrimp, fresh cut carrots, celery, red & green peppers, cucumbers, Masse’s cocktail sauce, and vegetable dip

Large Shrimp, Cheese & Pepperoni Platter $65
1.5 lb. large cocktail shrimp, fresh cut cheddar cheese & pepper jack cheese

Jumbo Shrimp & Lobster Tail Platter (Tail-off) $MKT
2 lb. jumbo P&D cocktail shrimp, 12 freshly cooked and shucked lobster tails, Masse’s cocktail sauce

Veggie, Cheese & Pepperoni Platter $45
Fresh cut carrots, celery, red & green peppers, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, pepperoni, vegetable dip, and assorted crackers

Masse's Fresh market Exterior
Masse's Shrimp Platter
Raw Shellfish Platters

Oysters on the Half Shell $48
Twenty fresh shucked premium oysters

Clams on the Half Shell $38
Twenty fresh shucked wild caught little neck clams

Combo Platter $48
Ten fresh shucked premium oysters and ten fresh shucked wild caught little neck clams

Ahi Tuna Platter $39
1.5 lb. sushi grade tuna rolled in sesame seeds and pan seared (rare) sliced thin and served on a bed of green with wasabi vinaigrette and wasabi paste

*Prices subject to change without notice

Heat & Serve Platters

Served on an oven ready platter with lemons & greens. Cooking instructions included.

Stuffed Mushroom Platter $38
Thirty-five seafood stuffed mushroom caps, lemon dill sauce

Admirals Platter $69
Fifteen mini stuffed shrimp, fifteen stuffed mushroom caps, fifteen stuffed sea scallops, lemon dill sauce

Sea Scallops-n-Bacon Platter $65
Thirty-six fresh sea scallops wrapped in bacon, topped with brown sugar

100% Lump Crab Cake Platter $60
Thirty-six freshly prepared crab cakes (appetizer size), sriracha aioli

Fried Scrod Platter $38
Thirty-six batter dipped, panko fried cod, tartar sauce

Baked Scrod Platter $45
Twelve (4 oz.) fresh scrod seasoned and topped with Masse’s Ritz crack crumbs

Masse’s Soups & Fresh Made Salads

Clam Chowder
$5 cup • $6 bowl • $13 quart
Rich and creamy, loaded with potatoes and clams

Lobster Bisque
$6 cup • $7 bowl • $16 quart

Potato Salad $5.99 lb.
A house favorite! Red bliss potatoes, peppers, onion celery, salt, pepper, egg, mayo

Seafood Salad $6.99 lb.
Seafood flakes, green pepper, black pepper, mayo

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**Prices subject to change without notice.

Warning: Consumption of raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk for food borne illness.

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